Privacy Policy


We do not share your information with third parties. We do store messages to Fraser for debugging, game play, and game improvements. Messages specifically marked to be ignored by Fraser are delivered to the intended recipients without being processed in any way, and are not retained beyond what is necessary for message delivery.

Fraser uses Wikipedia ( for its articles. Fraser does not use any other third party data.


"The app": "Fraser the bot" mobile application and its servers
Playing with "Fraser the bot" is done via chat messages. Optionally, chat groups may be created with other people who have a subscription to the app.
"in-play": Messages sent to Fraser the bot, as part of the trivia game
"out-of-play": Messages sent to a chat group's members, but excluding Fraser

Information Collection and Use

We do not collect or share your information except as specified in this privacy policy. Messages "in-play" are retained for purposes of debugging and game play improvement. Messages "out-of-play" are retained until they have been delivered to all the chat group member devices, up to a maximum of thirty days. After that they are permanently deleted from our servers. Your messages and your group messages are retained on your device until you delete the app data or uninstall the app.

Personally Identifiable Information

We do not collect any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) beyond what is described in the section "Information Collection and Use", above. Other than the country code, we do not collect or even receive any PII related to subscriptions on the app store.

Disclosure to Third Parties

We use secure services from Apple and Google for app subscriptions and for message delivery. Your data is not otherwise shared with any third party, for any purpose.

Protecting Your Information

Messages in-transit are delivered using industry standard Transport Layer Security (TLS). This is the same encryption technology used for secure web sites. We do not currently use end-to-end encryption. "In-play" messages necessarily have to be plain-text for game play. We will update this privacy policy if end-to-end encryption is ever added for "out-of-play" messages, though that is not currently planned. As such, this game service is not intended for sensitive messages. Please do not use it that way.

GDPR, CCPA, Children's Privacy, etc.

You have the right to request that your information be deleted from our servers. Please use the contact information found at to make this request.